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What programs are using the internet ?

Hi, This Simple Tool will show you a list of all Applications that are currently connected to the Internet. You can Terminate any On-line Process you want by right clicking on it’s name. Or you can open process location So you can easily identify it. P.S: This tool required Microsoft Framework .NET you can get […]

Detect if string Non English language C#

  This class will help you to detect if the string contains non English characters , The System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace contains classes that provide access to the .NET Framework regular expression engine. ( Regex )   public bool IsEnglish(string inputstring) { Regex regex = new Regex(@”[A-Za-z0-9 .,-=+(){}\[\]\\]”); MatchCollection matches = regex.Matches(inputstring); if (matches.Count.Equals(inputstring.Length)) return true; else […]