My Note ( Simple Application to Store your Notes )


If you want a simple and fast way to store your Quotes, notes, and phone numbers, then you have come to the right place.

This Simple Application “My Note” Allow you to store your notes quickly and easily, Just Press “WIN + C” to create new note, Type what you want, Close it and forget it. :)

The Auto-Save feature will make sure that there is no note will be lost, Deleted, or Accidentally Closed.

And this Software has built on two things, Fast and Simple.


* Auto Start With Windows.

* Custom New Note Colors, Font, Size…etc.

* Customized short keys.

* Search.

* Archive notes.

* Excellent an Free alternative for Windows 7 Sticky Note

* Free :)

And a lot more …

Main Note Settings Tray

Download “My Note” 1ACTRJ – Downloaded 1153 times –


This Software required Microsoft Framework .NET you can get it from Here


  1. nope thank you goes to you for your hard work and time and yes changed my shortcut key
    to WIN+12:) keep up

  2. i forgot tho its for win7 works flawless on win8.1, just need to change the”WIN+C”shortcut key it pops the side bar

    1. Thank you for using my software,
      I am very happy with your comments, it give me a lot of power.

      How ever you can change the default shortcut from “My Notes settings”

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