How to know Laptop Battery Life, Age, and Status ?


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This Simple Application Allow you to check, Determine your laptop Battery Life or Status, ( Excellent, Good, Bad … ).

It’s Display a Simple picture about your laptop battery situation,

And a Percent of it’s Life.

Plus, a little info about ID, Manufacture, Chemistry And Cycle count.


Download “Battery Life” 1ACPWk – Downloaded 3990 times –

This Application required Microsoft Framework .NET you can get it from Here

And didn’t work on Windows XP.




  1. Hey there! Did someone download this application? How it really works? I’m very selective… So let me know please – connect with me thru the above mentioned website!

  2. This Simple Application Allow you to check, Determine your laptop Battery Life or Status, ( Excellent, Good, Bad … ). – NICE!!!

  3. Hi, is it poosible to get the source code for your battery age application?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi, im trying to get DesignCapacity and FUllChargeCapacity, and calculating the current health of battery, but this rpoeperties are no available using Win32 Battery, how do you got that information?

  5. Hey Smartarab,
    Very interesting Hello all,
    my laptop battery is improper!!!
    it takes ages to demand and lasts 66hrs
    so do you know what to do coz i you should not!!
    require to recalibrate but tried out numerous plans to do so

    if you have been in this situtation plz inform me what to do

    I’ll be back to read more next time

  6. G’Day! Smartarab,
    Thanks for the info I have been ready ages for the bettery to complete demand and it only last for an hour at the most. I have changed it to electricity saver but it explained a next back that i have about twenty minutes still left!

    I have an Ei-System Laptop.

  7. I’m planning to buy a second hand pc from my colleague but I have a doubt about its age and i wanted to check that myself to be sure of its age.

    Can someone help me how to physically check that?


  8. Dear Smartarab,
    Thanks you for your post It doesn’t issue how high-priced or magnificent a laptop or notebook is. There will always occur a time exactly where they crash and crack down. There are numerous explanations why units crash. This commonly results in the reduction of vital data files and paperwork. Some will cause may perhaps not outcome in the reduction of knowledge, nevertheless, when a pc or a laptop computer crashes, you will clearly have to deliver it for repair. Most people today understand preventive upkeep like modifying the oil in your car will aid your car or truck operate improved, it is valuable for your laptop way too.
    I look forward to your next post

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