Easy Volume Control

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This simple Application Allow you to Control Sound level on your computer using Keyboard Shortcuts,

The Default Shortcut is :

CTRL and + : Volume UP.
CTRL and – : Volume Down.
CTRL and Backspace : Mute.



It can run automatically when windows start and remain hidden at tray menu.

Download “Easy Volume Control” 1ACVSo – Downloaded 1556 times –


This tool required Microsoft Framework .NET you can get it from Here


  1. OMG i didn’t realize EVC is such a small nice handy app, some time ago when i was using my laptop’s shortcut key to control the sound i wondered if i could have a similar shortcut key function on my PC. i am very happy to have this app, thank you so very much, EVC just made my life easy

  2. Thank you. btw can you make a Win8.1 Sound booster, when using vlc EQ it can boost the
    sound but can’t use vlc on others apps like games please don’t point me to windows enhancements i really don’t like it, i thought to look at vlc EQ source code to make my own
    Windows sound booster but i know its out of my scope.

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