Hello all, have a good day.

This my first post!

And I would like to thank in this very first post, all those who helped me to make this blog see the light:

GOD who give me every thing and more than I needed, for free.           For blog coding.

Last but not least a big thanks for open source community, and for all those who share the information’s with love and for free.

I am planning to make this blog as useful as possible by sharing what I am good in, which is of course computer and programing knowledge, more over I will try to write a free tools, full with hope of making our jobs easier.

Keep in touch .


  1. Thanks for the great programs! I wish you the best and Peace on your decisions and direction of life as you move forward. You’re Appreciated! Thanks.

  2. hi
    Dear friend
    I thank u so much for admirable idea .
    I am sure this website will be successful , brilliant , and differential .
    with my best wishes
    ur sincerely ,,,,, fadel

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